My mother Dinah Hobson  has always made sure that I have had the best education  in Native arts and language.I have been lucky to be brought up in a time where not now only Native Arts are taught in public schools but are encouraged. I first learned Ravenstail weaving in 5th grade. I have always been one of those people who need to constantly have something in their hands, which made weaving the perfect art for me. It kept my hands busy and my imagination engaged.


The following summer I met Lily at a Goldbelt camp where she taught us how to make a treasure box Ravenstail design. Her excitement for weaving was contagious which made me want to learn more. So whenever there was a weaving class being offered I took it. Lily left for Colorado in November of 2016 to take care of her mother. When she did this she was in the middle of making her first robe. Six months after her mother passed she returned to Juneau with a 1/3 of her robe still to be done. During the first week of May I decide to stop by and say hi and to marvel at her robe. I was immediately put to work putting up her braids and making silp-knots. I showed up everyday for the rest of the month and put up braids till the very last second before the robe went on a plane to Portland on May 31. After that crazy month, I have been her apprentice ever since. We even got a Mentor apprenticeship Grant from Alaska state Council on the Arts where I am weaving my first chilkat apron which will be shown at this years Celebration.